BIC Packs is a brand extension that takes forward BIC's mission to create convenient experiences. It offers essential BIC Bathroom products at exactly the time the customer needs them.


To uncover how BIC understands its own work, I read extensively through BIC’s internal and external promotional material, noting brand language, mindset and values.

To understand how BIC resonates in consumers’ minds, I used card sorting/word association, short interviews, and ‘BIC or not?’


From my research, I established that a key part of BIC's identity is that their products are uniform. Each product does exactly the same thing every time it is used, and every unit is identical.

BIC's uniformity allows them to live in the user's subconscious, as their expectations are perfectly met every time. This leads to users stopping noticing that they are using BIC products at all, as their usage becomes habitual. The realisation that BIC products are used habitually and without conscious appreciation was critical to the development of BIC pack.

A strong BIC brand extension could therefore aim to capture new habits. A perfect avenue for this would be in the bathroom, using leverage given by BIC's success in razors. Bathroom products did very well in 'Bic or Not?'; people think BIC already make them! This shows that bathroom essentials fit with BIC's brand resonance.

It is equally important to make habit formation easier. To do this, BIC must maximise convenience and move towards providing products at the point of user need. For this to be possible, there must be a convenient service built on the products.

A perfect case study for BIC Packs would be gyms. Morning gym goers could benefit from a convenient service that gives them everything they need to freshen up after a workout. BIC Packs let them avoid carrying a toiletries bag with them all day, and become a seamless part of daily routines. Through additional user research, I created business models and product packs that would suit users at a range of gyms.

Gyms are a great case study, but BIC Pack could live in a variety of other places, including airlines and AirBnB bathrooms. Any time users require a convenient set of bathroom essentials, BIC Pack can be there to provide at exactly the moment of need.