Glaucoma puts 3 million Americans at risk of irreversible eye damage. Controlling it often requires multiple eyedrops in a complicated dosage pattern. Adherence rates are very low, but the cost of stopping can be permanent blindness. The DropPak team got together at MIT's GrandHack 2016 to ask "how can we simplify complicated eyedrop dosage?"

Adherence is critical with glaucoma, as missed dosages can cause irreversible damage. However, shockingly few patients can keep up with the complex dosage routines, and most have stopped using their eyedrops within 7 months.

Our team quickly realised that we could learn a lot from a former MIT Grandhack startup that took pharmacies by storm. PillPack used clear labelling and individually packaged units to give those struggling with complex doses a simple experience. Could the same be done with eyedrops?

From its minimum viable product, the DropPak platform can progress into multi-dose delivery. This pattented design uses multiple compartments within the dropper that release simultaneously (patent filed), thereby avoiding unwanted mixing during storage. This simplifies the dosage regime even further, as complex dosages can be transformed into single units.