Good Hair is a hair accessory brand that empowers, inspires and practically enables women of colour to love their natural hair.


Hair accessories are rarely designed with women of colour in mind. They can't cope with thicker hair, tangle and break, and don't complement women of colour's hair styles or taste. Frustated by this, fellow RISD designer Paige created speculative products that showcased the beauty of her own natural hair, whilst also being easy to use. A few months later, I joined the team, and Good Hair was born.

From these interviews, we also built up a network of enthusiastic women, who taught us a huge amount about their hair, helped us prototype and gave us feedback on everything. Through focus groups with them, we were able to test existing solutions and solidify the findings from our interviews.

Design Opportunities

Throughout our ideation, we took all our sketches and prototypes back to our network of users, who tested, critiqued, and helped us design improvements. This kept us on track functionally and aesthetically, as we were able to ensure our brand resonated as intended.

Good Hair's initial line consists of three items. A sophisticated, adult twist on hair bubbles in bronze and silicon, a reinforced, mouldable headband and a clean-lined sidecomb. All three are designed to showcase naturally curly hair whilst being easy and intuitive to use. Their forms and materials are carefully chosen to avoid tangling or breakage, and the African-tinged modernist aesthetic is bold, elegant, and perfect for our target market.

Good Hair Online not only provides a convenient e-store, but also has style guides and shareable videos. These provide inspiration for women of colour to try new styles with Good Hair accessories, letting them better express themselves. Videos are sortable by hair type and style, and can be saved to a user's account.

We created packaging that could work with the aesthetics of high street retail partners, but also showcased Good Hair as a brand and provided links to Good Hair Online resources.